JSON API   Version 1.0


  • Sentiment analysis is applied against a stream of cryptocurrency related text data mined from the internet
  • Each analysis snapshot represents a 30 minute rolling window
  • The API provides a 24 hour history of each of these windows collected
  • The API is updated at approximately 30 second intervals
  • A negative value indicates negative sentiment
  • A value close to 0 indicates a neutral sentiment
  • A positive value indicates positive sentiment
  • The mean, median, sum, and count are calculated in 30 minute windows
  • Analysis is done by capturing various sources on the internet such as blogs, twitter, and news articles
  • Please see the examples section for clarification or contact support@senticrypt.com

API Reference

Get the past 24 hours of sentiments
Key Type Description
timestamp float Time the sample was taken as unix epoch
sum float The sum/aggregate of all sentiment scores in the current 30 minute window (unbounded: can be greater/less than -1/+1)
mean float The mean of all sentiment scores in current 30 minute window
median float The median of all sentiment scores in current 30 minute window
count int The number of sentiments analyzed in this 30 minute window
rate float How many items per second were processed in last 30 minute window.
btc_price float Latest BTC price averaged from multiple sources
last float The sentiment score of the last item analyzed (e.g. a single tweet or article). Note: this is not very useful and primarily for debugging


Snapshots are taken every hour. Data is queryable by YYYY-MM-DD_HOUR time format. Examples:


To view a pretty version of the JSON response, use the pretty.json reference. Examples: